information sheets what to include

Information sheets are great of telling your guests more detail about your wedding.
This is not a definitive list, but just might help act as a check list as to what to include;-

church/venue address with postcode, if you cannot find the church postcode it might be they don’t have one, they often don’t.

directions and a map, if needed add a map although with satellite navigation systems and computers the postcode is often enough. If you do add a map make sure its a decent size as websites often use very small files that don’t always print very well.

accommodation, you might like to give your guests a list of hotels in the area and also add if they are offering a special rate. It can be useful to add the distance to the venue and their website details.

dietary requirements, if you haven’t mentioned it on your RSVP card its often useful to remind your guests to let you know if they have any specific dietary requirements on their RSVP to you.

travel/ parking arrangements, inform your guests if you have provided any transport or parking arrangements, also if your getting married abroad add a recommended airline and nearest airport to fly to.

dress code, if you want your guests to have a certain dress code then please mention it on your information sheet also add it to your invitation.

children, if your unable to invite children to your wedding its better to mention this on your information sheet. If you explain why your guests can then understand and hopefully not cause them any offence. If your providing child care add the details and if you know their website add this too, so guests can look at the care in advance and they know what to provide.
gift list, it looks better if you add this at the end of your wedding information. Often if you have a store list they have a website which you can add along with a password so they can access your personal list. Alternatively if your wanting to ask for money a fun and sometimes humerous way can be to add a poem.

All our information sheets are designed to match your invitations perfectly, using the same fonts and colours and even adding your monogram if we can. Depending on the amount of information we can do them single, double sided or even like a booklet if there is a lot of information. We only charge a one off charge of £10 per side of printing for your order, we do this as we just like it all to match and look as nice as your invites.

Suzanne Cubbon

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