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It is your special photograph that makes foto-fusion cards so personal and it also means that no two card designs are ever the same (which makes our life more fun too!).

Here are some useful tips helping you to select the most suitable photograph:


Image Quality: The larger the file size, the higher the resolution of the image (usually) and sometimes images are too small to give a clear and sharp print. We will try to make you aware if we feel the image you have provided is too small, or if you have any concerns you can order a hard copy proof of your card prior to placing a full order.  If you are using old photographs that have been scanned it is unlikely they will quite as sharp as a modern digital image – however, this is generally part of their charm!

Often images taken off websites are too small and they are often covered by copywright too. If you are wanting to use a photograph of a venue you could either contact the venue and ask for a jpeg image (between 300kb and 1mb) or you could get creative and take your own!


Image Size: The ideal parameters for a good file size are between 300kb and 1mb.  If you have any concerns about your image or need some help regarding the file size, please just ask.


Going Digital: You may not have a digital copy of your photograph and therefore need to scan the image.  If you are doing this yourself, we recommend scanning on a setting of 300dpi but this may need to be higher if the physical size of the original is quite small.  If you would rather send us the photographs (by recorded mail to be safe) that’s fine, we will scan them on a high dpi and return the images to you.


Image Colour: If you provide us with a colour image, we can either convert it into black/white or sepia if you wish.

Image Format: ideally jpeg, gif, bmp or png


Cropping Your Image: if you can, please send us the full size original image – we have set photo templates for the different sizes of cards and the larger the image the more we can work with it to get the best framed shot.

The image doesn’t have to be a photograph: why not use a painting or a cartoon drawing…the options are endless!


Suzanne Cubbon

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