Is there a good way to ask for her hand in marriage?

Have you starting thinking about popping that very BIG question?

If so, I hope this advice from a woman’s perspective may help? Its one of those things that everyone gushes about and says how romantic it was, but it can also go really wrong sadly.

wedding proposal

I am sure by now you will have gauged your relationship and how they feel about marriage. Going to other friends weddings is often a good indicator or have a conversation about marriage and your future together. It goes without saying but only ask the question when you know your really sure. 

Do you ask the parents first?

I think these days this is out of date personally. It’s very gallant but the first time someone proposed to me he asked by taking my dad by climbing up a very large mountain and asked him at the top. This must have been quite nerve racking as dad really looks and can act a bit like Robert De Niro in Meet the Fockers.

We even had at the time a cat exactly the same. As usual, Dad was right he said “she will probably tell you to bugger off”. I didn’t quite do that, but what I did was ask a really crucial question back.”Why do you want to get married?” At the time I was quite young we were both living together but his answer was just not what I wanted to hear. He said “ because it’s the next thing to do”. If I had a very load alarm or siren I would have pressed it at that very moment.

That was not a good enough reason and the very worst thing he could have said. I wanted him to say; “because I love you and want to grow old together” or words along those lines.

So be warned and be prepared to answer a question yourselves Why do you want to get married? Only then and when you have the right answer should you ask yourselves. To this day I still think my parents have that bottle of champagne waiting in the fridge needless to say the relationship fizzled out..

So having decided to go for it and ask just how do you ask the girl you love to marry you?

Its nerve racking, I am sure, and please do not fall into the trap of some tacky props with messages inside.  This is one of those questions that has to be done looking straight into her eyes. It actually does not matter where you are too. My husband asked me whilst I was in an avocado coloured corner bath! Maybe he hoped to drown me if I said no. After I said yes I told him to cancel the fancy restaurant he had booked as we now needed to start saving up.( for a wedding plus a new bathroom)

Now my job allows me to see lots of photos from people very personal proposals which is quite a privilege. We have done some amazing invites and save the date cards using photos of some incredible proposals; Rome, Paris, New York, in a fish tank in Dubai, at Niagara falls, in the dessert, after a sky dive and of course Disney.

disney marriage propsal

Once she says yes its then down to the planning a wedding and telling everyone. Yet again, please make it personal it does not have to cost a fortune. Make it personal, and all about what’s special to you two not some latest trend or fab that goes out of date.

Suzanne Cubbon

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