winter, spring, summer or fall…

The time of year you choose to get married can play quite an important part in your wedding plans. It affects so many aspects of your wedding planning;

What to wear? – your bridesmaids need to keep warm in winter and your best man doesn’t want to pass out in a heavy suit in summer. Saying that you can’t plan the weather here in the UK and the chances are you might end up with unseasonal temperatures whenever you plan your big day. What will be will be!

Outdoor activities – if you are going to take a punt and brave the outdoors its always best to have a contingency plan in case the weather doesn’t play ball. Choose a venue that can offer flexibility (or in some cases tractors that can tow cars off muddy fields!!).

Flowers – your flowers and bouquets should really reflect the season whether it be fresh spring posies, soft scented summer blooms, rich autumnal hues or wonderful winter shades.

a bouquet for every season

Stationery – as we make beautiful personalised wedding invitations this is really what I want to talk about!! The photo you choose can set the mood for your wedding – especially if you are using a beautiful venue image. If your wedding is in summer, you need a bright summer photo – the only issue being that if you want to provide your own photo and your starting your planning in winter you can’t just nip out and take a photo in January. Most brides are really organised and they plan well ahead but equally there are lots (and I would be one!) who doesn’t plan that far ahead and therefore the venue will usually be more than happy to supply one of their professional shots.

Equally if you are using a photo of yourselves, you don’t want to be wrapped up in scarves and bobble hats if you are getting married in August. Give your guests hope that there will be a lovely warm summer!

Or you could hedge your bets on the weather and get married abroad where the odds are better for a sunny day.

The brave ones amongst us will run the gauntlet and get married at home but wherever and whenever you choose to get married, come rain or shine, it will be the best day of your life, so far….ENJOY!!!!!!

Nicola Dolderson

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