church photo

using a photo of your church

you can take the photo yourself but make sure its a sunny day! Using a church photo is a great way to personalise your orders of service. We also matched the fonts on this example to the rest of their stationery, including the monogram we designed specially for Davina & Richard.

Often the registrar or vicar will want to check over your order of service layout before you go to print, so please allow yourselves some extra time. They are not always the quickest to respond in our experience!

the details
  • white card
  • script fonts: ‘tangerine’
  • body text font: ‘minion pro’
  • personalised monogram watermark effect
  • themed – soft blue

PRICE: £2.60 – £2.89 per card

depending on quantity required

additional 40p charge for a second insert sheet (4 sides)

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Just tell us you like the ‘St. James church ‘ if you would like to use any design details from this example.

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